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Amlan Das Karmakar, aka Phoenix (https://itsamlan.com) is a professional Web Developer and Designer and Linux System Administrator. He has expertise in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (latest ECMA), PWA Development, PHP, Node.JS, Python, Bash Scripting, NGiNX Server, REST API, MySQL Database, MongoDB Database, GIT Version Control System, Bind9 DNS Server, CoTURN Signalling Server, WebRTC, FFMPEG, RTMP, HLS, MPEG DASH, Bubblewrap, TWA Development, Apache Cordova, ElectronJS based multi-platform Software Development. He has expertise in handling both Debian-based Linux Distributions like Ubuntu 22.04 and Fedora-based Linux Distributions like CentOS 8 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. He was also listed in Google Hall of Fame in 2017 (https://bughunters.google.com/profile/e755e2c0-235d-41b6-893b-d64486bb771f/awards). He is the Co-founder of Bengal Web Solution (https://bengalwebsolution.com) and has been working there as the Head, Dept. of Web and App Development, AI and ML Deployment since 2011. In StackOverflow (https://stackoverflow.com/users/3195021/phoenix), he has 2626 Reputation, 4 Gold Badges, 16 Silver Badges and 20 Bronze Badges as of 19th Feb. 2023, 5:30pm (GMT +5:30). He completed his Masters in English from the Vidyasagar University and ranked among the toppers with 1st class. He graduated from The University of Burdwan with English (Hons.) earlier in 2017.