An April Day Lesson 3 class 8

An April Day By H W Longfellow Activity Solutions, Lesson 3, Class 8

Here We Disscuss An April Day Activity solutions, Lesson 3, Class 8

An april day lesson 3 class 8

An April Day Class 8 • An April Day Questions and Answers

Activity 1

Tick the correct alternative :-

(i) When the warm sun has returned again, it is nice to –

(a) Sing out loud
(b) visit the still wood
(c) sail down the river.

(ii) The sapling draws its sustenance from –

(a) the blue sky
(b) rainwater
(c) earth’s loosened mould.

(iii) The birds –

(a) glance quick in the bright sun .
(b) sit on the branches of the trees.
(c) peck at grains from the ground.

(iv) The green slope throws its Shadow upon –

(a) the mountain .
(b) the hollows of the hills.
(c) the sand dunes

Activity 2

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:-

(a) Spring is the season of rebirth and beauty.

(b) The coming on off storms is foretold by dark and many-folded clouds.

(c) The birds move along the forest openings .

(d) The bright sunset fills the silver woods with light .

Activity 3

Answer the following question:-

Why do you think the poet “loves the season well?”


I think the poet “loves the season well” because the natural world regenerates and reenergizes in the spring after the chilly winter months. The many-folded clouds foretell the coming-on of storms. The birds fill the forest with their pleasant and move along the forest opening. The bright sunset fills the silver woods with light and the green trees throw their shadows in the hollows of the hills.

Activity 4

(i) The first flowerbloomed in the forest for the time in Spring .
(ii) The forest gladeswere teeming with bright forms.
(iii) The saplingdrew its sustenance from the earth’s loosened mould.
(iv) The drooping treerevives with its leaves.

Activity 5

Answer the following questions:-

(a) Why is it sweet to visit the wood during springtime ?

Answer:- It is sweet to visit the wood during springtime because there is peace of mind and body. The trees which had lost their leaves during the winter, become fill with green leaves. The forest glades are teeming with bright forms. Each bird’s wing has a different colour at this time.

(b) What does winter’s cold do to the tree?

Answer:- In winter the leaves becomes dry due to cold weather and due to this the leaves fall from the tree.

(c) What time of the day do you think it is when “ the green slope throws its shadows in the hollows of the hills ?”

Answer:- During the sunset “the green slope throws its shadows in the hollows of the hills.”

(d) Why do you think the poem is titled “An April Day”? Suggest an alternative title.

Answer:- I think the poem is titled “An April Day because in the poem the poet describes the beauty of nature during springtime which generally starts in April.

Activity 6(a)

Fill in the blanks with the correct verb forms from those given in brackets:-

(i) He has been working here for the last two years.

(ii) The baby had cried all morning.

(iii) It had been raining for a long time before We went to school.

(iv) The passengers of the train had been sleeping fast when the accident occurred.

Activity 6(b)

Fill in the blanks with either the Future Continuous tense or Future Perfect tense of the verbs given in brackets:

(i) Suppose it will be raining when we start. (rain)

(ii) He will be meeting us next week. (meet)

(iii) She will have reached Jamshedpur by then. (reach)

(iv) This book is not fat, I shall have read it by lunch time. (read)

Activity 7

Make meaningful sentences of your own with the following words .

1.) Harvest : – We harvest sweet corn late in the summer.

2.) Teeming : — My mind is teeming with ideas.

3.) Thrives : – Our website thrives in this month.

4.) Glance : — I see at a glance that she is blind.

Activity 8(a)

Write a paragraph in about eighty words on the changes that you see in nature when spring comes after winter.

The Changes Of Nature In Spring After Winter

Spring comes immediately after winter. Winter is followed by spring. Everything in nature appears to be dying during the winter. Winter’s chill has penetrated even the heart of the barren trees. Everything appears drab in the gentle sun. The trees, which lose all their leaves in the winter and become dead, now produce fresh, fragile leaves. Instead of the chilly north winds, a pleasant, moderate breeze flows. Both at night and in the morning, there is no fog. The cold wind causes the birds to stop singing. Yet when spring approaches, a vast array of flowers start to emerge. Bees buzz, butterflies flutter, and birds sing. During the day, the sky is clear and a deep blue colour, while at night, it is starry. Everything in nature appears to be vibrant and stunning. The natural world is vibrant at that time. The weather is delightful and lovely. Instead of the chilly north winds, a pleasant and moderate breeze blows.

Activity 8 (b)

You have a separate routine of work in the morning and in the evening. Write a page in your dairy on that part of the day which you prefer more.

March 11, 2023


9.00 PM

A routine is performed as part of a regular procedure rather than a special reason. A routined life fixes our life on track. I also prefer a routined life, so I divided my day into good times according to work.
I wake up at 5.00 am. My day starts from going for a walk then I come back after 1 hour. I have breakfast around 8.00 am and then I get ready to go to school. I attend school from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. Then, I come back home around 5.30 pm. Then I have my cricket coaching classes to attend. After that, I return home around 7.15 pm. Then, I study for 2 hours and have dinner at 9.30 pm. I go to sleep at 10.00 pm.

I like the morning part of the day because In the evening time I get tired after my whole day’s routine whereas I feel energetic and fresh in the morning which encourages me for good study and a good start.

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