The sick rose saq

“The Sick Rose” by William Blake (S.A.Q) Short Answer Type Questions, Class 11, WBCHSE

Here we discussed some important short answer type questions from The Sick Rose by William Blake.

The Sick Rose SAQ

The Sick Rose by William Blake

The Sick Rose Short Questions and Answers

(1) Who composed the poem “The Sick Rose”?

Ans. William Blake composed the poem “The Sick Rose.”

(2) Where is the poem “The Sick Rose” taken from?

Ans. The poem “The Sick Rose” is taken from Blake’s The Songs of Experience.

(3) How many lines does the poem ‘The Sick Rose’ consist of?

Ans. The poem The Sick Rose’ consists of eight lines.

(4) Who is sick in the poem of Blake?

Ans: A rose is sick in the poem of Blake.

(5) What type of poem is ‘The Sick Rose’?

Ans. ‘The Sick Rose’ is a symbolic poem.

(6) What destroys the life of the rose? [Annual Exam 2015, 2018]

Ans. The dark secret love of the worm destroys the life of the rose.

(7) What is the rhyme scheme of the poem ‘The Sick Rose’?

Ans. The rhyme scheme of the poem, ‘The Sick Rose’ is abcd, defe.

(8) Why is the rose sick? [Annual Exam 2014, 2020]

Ans. The rose is sick because an invisible worm has destroyed its purity.

(9) When did the worm creep into the rose’s bed? [Annual Exam 2014]

Ans. The worm crept into the rose’s bed in the night of a howling storm.

(10) When does the worm fly? [Annual Exam 2018]
Or, During What time of the day does the worm fly? [Annual Exam 2017]

Ans. The worm flies in the night of howling storm.

(11) Who has found out the rose’s bed?

Ans. The invisible worm has found out the rose’s bed.

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(12) How has the storm been described in the poem ‘The Sick Rose’? [Annual Exam 2016]

Ans. In the poem ‘The Sick Rose’, the storm has been described as howling.

(13) What has the worm found out? [Annual Exam 2015]

Ans. The worm has found out the rose’s bed of ‘crimson joy’.

(14) Why is the worm called invisible? [Annual Exam 2019]

Ans. The worm is called invisible because it flies in the darkness of a stormy night.

(15) What does the rose stand for? [Annual Exam 2015, 2023]

Ans. The rose stands for innocence.

(16) What does the worm stand for?

Ans. The worm stands for experience.

(17) What does the word ‘dark’ in the expression ‘dark secret love’ stand for? [Annual Exam 2020]

Ans. In the expression ‘dark secret love’, dark stands for destruction and evil.

(18) What colour is the rose’s joy? [Annual Exam 2017]

Ans. The Colour of the rose’s joy is crimson.

(19) What do you mean by the phrase ‘secret love’?

Ans. The phrase ‘secret love’ means illicit or illegitimate love.

(20) ‘Has found out thy bed / Of crimson joy.’ – What does the phrase ‘crimson joy’ indicate?

Ans. The phrase ‘crimson joy’ indicates sexual pleasure and the destruction of innocence.

(21) “Has found out thy bed / Of crimson joy”- Whose bed is referred to here?

Ans. Here ‘thy bed’ refers to the bed of the rose.

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