Twelfth Night Class XI

“Twelfth Night” (L.A.Q) Long Questions and Answers, Class XI, WBCHSE

Twelfth Night Long Questions and Answers

Twelfth Night LAQ Long Questions and answers

Twelfth Night

Twelfth Questions and Answers

1)Why did Duke Orsino send Viola to Olivia? What was Olivia’s reply? [2+3] [Class 11 Annual Exam 2014]

Ans. Duke Orsino sent Viola to Olivia because he was in love with Olivia but she did not return his feelings. Viola, disguised as a man named Cesario, was sent to deliver a message of love from the Duke to Olivia. The Duke hoped that Viola’s charm and wit would persuade Olivia to love him in return.

However, when Viola arrived at Olivia’s house and delivered the message, Olivia was not interested in the Duke’s advances. Instead, she became attracted to Viola’s charming and witty personality. Olivia replied that she could not love the Duke as she was mourning the recent death of her brother, but she found Viola to be a very interesting and attractive person. She told to Viola to return to his master and asked him not to send anyone to her. This leads to a complicated love triangle.

2) Who was Olivia? What saddened her? Why did she not allow any visitors? [1+1+3] [Class 11 Annual Exam 2015, 2018]

Ans. In “Twelfth Night”, Olivia was a wealthy and virtuous lady, the daughter of a Count. She was loved by Orsino.

Olivia’s father died a year ago and shortly after her dear brother also died shortly after. She was saddened by the loss.

Olivia did not allow any visitors because she was in mourning for her deceased brother. She was deeply saddened by her loss and felt that no one could console her in her grief. Therefore, she decided to seclude herself from the outside world and mourn in peace. This is why she refused to receive any visitors or attend any public events.

3) How was the confusion of mistaken identity overcome in ‘Twelfth Night’. [5] [Class 11 Annual Exam 2016]

Ans. In the play “Twelfth Night,” the confusion of mistaken identity was overcome with the help of a series of events. Viola, who disguised herself as a man named Cesario, was sent by Duke Orsino to woo Olivia. However, Olivia fell in love with Viola, thinking that she was a man. Meanwhile, Viola fell in love with Duke Orsino.

The confusion was resolved when Viola’s twin brother, Sebastian, arrived in Illyria. Olivia, mistaking him for Cesario, proposed marriage. Sebastian accepted, and during the wedding ceremony, the characters finally realized the mistake of their identities. Duke Orsino, who was previously in love with Olivia, agreed to marry Viola, who revealed her true identity. Olivia, realizing her mistake, ended up marrying Sebastian. Thus, the confusion of mistaken identity was resolved through a series of events.

4) What information given by the captain consoled Viola? What plan did Viola think of to reach the Duke? How did the captain help her in this? [1+1+3] [Class 11 Annual Exam 2017]

Ans. In the play ‘Twelfth Night’, the captain told Viola that her brother, Sebastian, might have survived the shipwreck. Sebastian had fastened himself to a strong mast and managed to remain above the water but he did not see him afterwards.

Viola planned to disguise herself as a man and take up service with the Duke, Orsino.

The captain, who was familiar with the Duke, offered to introduce her to him. The captain lent Viola some clothes and helped her to dress up as a man. He also gave her some advice on how to behave like a man and how to address the Duke. He then took her to the Duke’s palace and introduced her to the Duke as Cesario.

5) Discuss the first meeting of Olivia and Cesario. [5] [Class 11 Annual Exam 2019]

Ans. In “Twelfth Night,” the first meeting between Olivia and Cesario (Viola disguised as a man) is a significant moment in the plot. Cesario, sent by the Duke Orsino as a messenger, arrived at Olivia’s estate to deliver a message of love from the Duke. At first, Cesario was not allowed to meet Olivia. Olivia is immediately taken with Cesario’s charm and wit. Cesario, who is actually Viola in disguise, is equally struck by Olivia’s beauty and grace. Olivia accepted that Orsino had all the qualities of a suitor, but she could not love him in this mental condition. She dismissed the appeal of Cesario and asked him to return. She also told Cesario to inform Orsino not to send anyone for this purpose. But Cesario could come if he wished to tell her the reaction of his master.

Actually, Olivia had fallen in love with Cesario. It sets in motion the love triangle that drives much of the play’s comedic and romantic action.

6) Who rescued Viola from the danger of fighting a duel? Why did he do so? [1+4] [Class 11 Annual Exam 2020]

Ans. In “Twelfth Night,” Antonio rescued Viola, who was then disguised as Cesario, from the danger of fighting a duel.

Antonio was a sea captain who had rescued Sebastian, Viola’s twin brother, and became his friend, and had mistaken Viola for Sebastian. Antonio did this because he had grown to care for Sebastian (who he thought was Cesario) and did not want him to be harmed. He had also been recently pursued by Orsino’s men for his piracy and was therefore acting out of a sense of loyalty and protection towards Sebastian, whom he believed had saved his life.

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7) What did Viola say to Olivia about her parentage? What showed Olivia that Viola was a gentleman? Why did Olivia send a diamond ring to Cesario? [2+1+2] [Class 11 Annual Exam 2022]

Ans. In “Twelfth Night,” Viola told Olivia that she was born into a noble family. Her status was higher than her present fortune and she was a gentleman.

Olivia believed that Viola was a gentleman based on her physical appearance and demeanor. She was impressed by Cesario’s confidence, intelligence, and wit, which she believed were characteristic of a gentleman.

Olivia had fallen in love with young Cesario. She had was impressed by his intelligence, charm, and wit. When Cesario departed, Olivia sent a servant after him with a diamond ring that Cesario had left as a present from Orsino. Actually, Olivia sent this as a token of her affection. The ring also represented Olivia’s attempt to woo Cesario, who she believed was a man.

(8) Who was Olivia? Describe the second visit of Cesario with Olivia? [1+4] [Class 11 Annual Exam 2023]

Ans. In “Twelfth Night”, Olivia was a wealthy and virtuous lady, the daughter of a Count. She was loved by Orsino.

When Cesario revisited Olivia’s house, he had no difficulty in having access to her. When Cesario arrived, the servants opened the gates took him to Olivia’s apartment with great respect. When Cesario told Olivia that he had come once more to plead for Orsino, Olivia denied to listen to his pleading for Orsino. Then Olivia plainly and openly confessed her love for Cesario. Hearing her proposal, Viola left the place with haste and told her that would never again come to plead for Orsino’s love.


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