Brotherhood Homage to Claudius Ptolemy

“Brotherhood Homage to Claudius Ptolemy” by Octavio Paz (S.A.Q) Short Answer Type Questions, Class XI, WBCHSE

Brotherhood Short Questions and Answers

Brotherhood Homage to Claudius Ptolemy

Brotherhood SAQ

(1) In which language was the poem ‘Brotherhood Homage to Claudius Ptolemy‘ originally written?

Ans. The poem ‘Brotherhood’ was originally written in Spanish.

(2) What is the original name of the poem ‘Brotherhood’?

Ans. The original name of the poem ‘Brotherhood’ is ‘Harmandad.’

(3) When was the poem “Brotherhood” written?

Ans. The poem “Brotherhood” by Octavio Paz was written in the year 1987.

(4) What type of poem is “Brotherhood”?

Ans. “Brotherhood” is a lyrical poem.

(5) How does the poet introduce himself in the poem ‘Brotherhood’? [Annual Exam 2019]

Ans. The poet introduces himself in the poem ‘Brotherhood’ as an insignificant human being.

(6) In the poem ‘Brotherhood’ what does Octavio Paz mean by ‘Little do I last’? OR. What does the expression ‘Little do I last’ refer to? [Annual Exam 2020]

Ans. By the expression ‘Little do I last’ Octavio Paz means that the lifespan of human beings on earth is very little in comparison to the vast universe.

(7) How is the night in ‘Brotherhood’? [Annual Exam 2018, 2023]

Ans. In ‘Brotherhood’, the night is enormous.

(8) How does the poet express the magnitude of the night in ‘Brotherhood’? [Annual Exam 2017]

Ans. The poet expresses the magnitude of the night in ‘Brotherhood’ by calling it enormous.

(9) What does the night signify in ‘Brotherhood’?

Ans. In ‘Brotherhood’ the night signifies the universe.

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(10) Why is the night enormous?

Ans. The night is enormous because it represents the whole universe.

(11)What do the stars control in the poem ‘Brotherhood’? [Annual Exam 2014]

Ans. The stars control the whole universe including man.

(12) ‘Unknowing I understand’ – What does the poet understand? [Annual Exam 2014, 2018]

Ans. The poet understands that he was predestined on earth like the other things of the universe.

(13) What do the stars write? [Annual Exam 2016, 2020, 2023]

Ans. The stars write the destiny of man.

(14) What does the poet of ‘Brotherhood’ see when he looks up? [Annual Exam 2017]

Ans. The poet of ‘Brotherhood’, Octavio Paz sees the stars that write the destiny of man when he looks up.

(15) Who was Claudius Ptolemy?

Ans. Claudius Ptolemy was a Greco-Egyptian mathematician, astronomer, and geographer who lived in the 2nd century CE.

(16) What does the title ‘Brotherhood’ suggest?

Ans. The title ‘Brotherhood’ suggests the relationship among every element in the whole universe.

(17) Who spells out the poet’s destiny? [Annual Exam 2019] OR. Who, according to Octavio Paz, writes the destiny of the man? [Annual Exam 2015, 2017]

Ans. The almighty god or the readers of the poet spells out the poet’s destiny.

(18) What is written in the sky?

Ans. Man’s place in this universe is written in the sky.

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