Communication skills in English

Communication Skills in English – Suggestion for Diploma Engineering 1st Semester Exam


Communication Skills in English

Suggestion for 1st Semester Examination 2023

Communication skills in English reading comprehension


i) Which of the following is the number 1 skill most valued by employers?
A)Health & safety, B) Communication skills, C) Computer service skills, D) Customer satisfaction

ANS- B) Communication skills

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ii) Arriving or doing something at the expected or planned time is

A)punctuality, B) attendance, C)character, D) self discipline


iii) A person works for someone or a company- A)demonstrate, B) employee, C)employer, D)employability


iv)Employers want employees who are flexible and willing to learn-

A) True, B) Faise, C) None of these, D) All of these

Ans-A) True

v). Which communication style is the most effective? A) Aggressive,B)Passive,C) Assertive,D) Submissive

Ans-C) Assertive

vi) Which of the following is a hard-skill?

A)Professionalism, B)Communication skills, C)Time management skills, D)Typing skills

Ans:, D) Typing skills

vii) Employers want employees who are not flexible and unwilling to learn- A) True, B) False, C) None of these, D) All of these

Ans-A) False

viii) Verbal communication mainly includes A)Smiling, B)Body gestures,C)Facial

expressions, body

language and posture,D)Speaking


ix) In Speaking. Which one of the following is not necessary-

A) Clear voice, B)Proper Intonation, C)Silent Reading, D) Speaking Fluently

Ans- C)Silent Reading

x)Which is not applicable for Communication? A) Clarity, B)Correctness C) Incorrect, D). Concreteness

Ans-C) Incorrect

xi)Which of the following term is NOT associated with Communication Skills? A) Soft Skills, B) Speaking and Writing Skills C) Important Skill, D) Hard Skill

Ans- D) Hard Skill

xii) A person who provides jobs to others for someone or for a company-
A)demonstrate, B)employee, C)employer, D)employability

Ans- C)employer

xiii) Time Management skill is a –
A) Soft Skill, B) Hard Skill, C) Rough Skill, D)None of the Above

Ans- A) Soft Skill

xiv) The reply to a message that the sender encodes is called _________.
A) Food bank, B) Feedback , C) Food, D), Back

Ans- B) Feedback

xv) The working together of a group of people to produce a desired result
A) Work on it,B) Clockwork,C) Teamwork, D) Dreamwork

Ans- C) Teamwork

xvi)The sharing or exchange of messages, information, or ideas-
A) Exfoliation,B) Regeneration,C) Communication, D)Suppression

Ans- C) Communication

xvii)Planning how to divide your time between specific activities
A) Division, B)Time Management, C) Workin’ It, D) Mr. Planner

Ans- B)Time Management

xviii)When showing up for a job interview, you should look angry and upset
A) True, B) False, C) None of these, D) All of these

Ans- B) False

xix)Smiling and being friendly are signs of a positive attitude-
A) True, B) False, C) None of these, D) All of these

Ans- A) True

xx)Which one has a good work ethic?
A)Does not complete work on time but does not complain, B)Does not complete work on time and complains the entire time, C)Completes work on time and does not complain, D) Complete work on time but complains the entire time

Ans- C)Completes work on time and does not complain

xxi)Non-verbal communication includes- A)Smiling, B)Hand gestures, C)Facial expressions, body language and posture, D)Standing straight

Ans-C)Facial expressions, body language and posture

xxii) Which of the following is NOT a barrier to effective communication?
A)Poor listening skills, B)Language, C) Linguistic issues, D)Asking questions

Ans- D) Asking questions

xxiii)Having a positive outlook can have an effect on your-
A)Performance, B)Confidence, C)Health, D)All of the above

Ans- D)All of the above

xxiv)What is teamwork?
A)The ability to do something without being asked, B)The ability to work with others to get the job done, C)The ability to get people to do what you want, D)The ability to clearly express yourself

Ans- B)The ability to work with others to get the job done

xxv)Teamwork involves which one of these?
A)Building relationships, B)Working with other people, C)Important skills and experiences, D)All of the above

Ans- D)All of the above

xxvi)In active listening, you should always maintain ____ contact.
A)Hand, B)Feet, C)Eye, D)Arm Length

Ans- C)Eye

xxvii)When active listening, your focus should be on…
A) What the speaker is saying
B) What’s for lunch
C)What’s the fastest way out of the conversation
D)What I should say next

Ans- A) What the speaker is saying

xxviii)Which of the following is NOT a soft skill?-
A)Professionalism, B)Communication skills, C)Time management skills, D)Typing skills

Ans-, D)Typing skills

xxix) Communication is a part of ________ skills.
A) Soft , B) hard, C)Rough , D) Short

Ans- A) Soft

xxx) Communication is a non-stop ____________.
A) Paper , B) Process, C) Programme, D) Plan

Ans-, B) Process

xxxi) The _______________ is the person who transmits the message.
A) Receiver ,B) Driver, C) Sender, D) Cleaner

Ans- C) Sender

xxxii)_____________ is the person who notices and decodes and attaches some meaning to a message.
A) Receiver ,B) Driver, C) Sender, D) Cleaner

Ans- A) Receiver

xxxiii) Message is any signal that triggers the response of a _________
A) Receiver ,B) Driver, C) Sender, D) Cleaner

Ans- C) Receiver

xxxiv) The response to a sender’s message is called _________.
A) Food bank, B) Feedback , C) Food, D), Back

Ans- B) Feedback

xxxv) ___________ context refers to the relationship between the sender and the receiver.
A) Social, B) Physical, C) Cultural, D) Chronological

Ans-A) Social

xxxvi)___________ context refers to the similarity of backgrounds between the sender and the receiver.
A) Physical,B) Social ,C) Chronological,D)Cultural

Ans- D)Cultural

xxxvii) _________ refers to all these factors that disrupt the communication.
A) Nonsense,B) Noise,C) Nowhere,D) Nobody

Ans- B) Noise

xxxviii) Our dress code is an example of _____________ communication.
A) Verbal,B) Nonverbal,C) Written,D) Spoken

Ans- B) Nonverbal

xxxix) Communication strengthens _________ & __________ relationship is an organization.
A) Employer-Father,B) Employer-Employee ,C) Mother-Employer,D) Mother-Child

Ans- B) Employer-Employee

xl) _______________ communication includes tone of voice body language, facial expressions etc.
A) Nonverbal,B) verbal ,C) letter,D) notice

Ans- A) Nonverbal

xli) Letter, e-mail telephone are examples of __________.
A) Message,B) Feedback ,C) Channel ,D)Encoding

Ans- C) Channel

xlii) It is of paramount importance that one need to construct a __________sentence in the day to day affairs.
A)wrong, B)Correct, C) Incorrect, D) Night

Ans- B)Correct

Professional writings, memo writing


i)What is Communication?

Ans- Communication is the process of sharing our thoughts, feelings, ideas by writing, speaking , using body gestures etc.

ii) What are soft skills?

Ans- Soft skills are the character traits and interpersonal skills that characterizes a person’s relation with other people.

iii) What is clarity in Communication?

Ans-Clarity is one of the greatest features of communication. While communicating with others we should focus on the fact that our conversation is neat and clear. A clear communication is always praiseworthy.

iv) Give some examples of hard skills?

Ans- Technical Skills, Computer Skills, Typing Skills, Marketing Skills , Management Skills etc.

v) Mention 7C’s of communication?

Ans- Clarity, Completeness, concreteness, Courtesy, Correctness, Conciseness and Consideration.

vi) What is barrier in communication?

Ans-Communication barriers are something that prevents us from correctly getting and accepting the messages others use to communicate their information, thoughts and ideas. Psychological barriers, linguisic barrier, gender barrier etc are some examples.

vii)Define correctness of Communication?

Ans-At the time of Communication we need to focus on the fact that our language should be proper and
correct. When your communication is correct, it fits your audience. And correct communication is also error-
free communication.

viii) Give some examples of Soft skills?

Ans- Team work, communication, Problem solving, Time management, Critical thinking, Decision making etc.

ix) What do you mean by self-awareness?

Ans-Self awareness is the ability to focus on yourself and how our actions, thoughts, emotions do or don’t align with internal standards.

x) What are hard skills?

Ans-Hard skills are the teachable abilities or skills sets that are easy to quantify.

xi)What is the full form of SWOT?

Ans- Strength Weakness Opportunities Threats.

xii) What is EQ?

Ans- Emotional Quotient is the ability to understand, use and manage your own emotion in positive ways to
relieve stress, emphasize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict.

xiii) What is Courtesy in Communication?

Ans-Courtesy is the respect that we show to others and in business communication also it means the same thing.
You should show respect to your reader by having courteous communication. The individual while sending the message should be polite, sincere, enthusiastic, and reflective.

xiv) What is Skill?

Ans- Skill refers to the ability of doing something properly.

xv) Mention some barriers of Communication?

Ans- Psychological barriers, Linguistic barriers, Gender Barriers, Organizational barriers etc.

Communication skill soft skills reading comprehension

Complete the sentence with the correct preposition from the choices given.

1.We are very excited __________________ our trip to Spain next week. (AT, WITH, ABOUT, OVER)

ANS : About

2.I am very fond __________________ drinking green tea. (FOR, OF, ABOUT, AT)

ANS : of

3.Almost all politicians were involved __________________ the scandal. (IN, AT, WITH, FROM)
ANS : in

4.I am looking forward ______________ having a meeting with you next week. (WITH, AT, TO, FROM)

ANS : to

5.At the moment, she is recovering __________________ her injuries. (AT, OF, FROM, WITH)

ANS : from

6.I’m dreaming ________________ becoming a famous scientist one day (FOR, WITH, ABOUT, INTO)

ANS : about

7.My cousin is married __________________ a famous American (WITH, FOR, TO, FROM)

ANS : to

8.I am responsible __________________ training the new recruits. (AT, ABOUT, WITH, FOR)

ANS : for

9.Many people took advantage __________________ the low prices offered by the new shop (OF, FOR,

ANS : of

10.I was not quite satisfied __________________ the exam results. (AT, FOR, WITH, ABOUT)

ANS : with

11.The president was thankful __________________ everyone who helped in the campaign (TO, WITH,

ANS : to

12.Everyone in this town will benefit __________________ the new hospital (FROM, WITH, AT, INTO)

ANS : from

13.For two full days, the man was fighting __________________ his life. (UP,WITH, AT, FOR)

ANS : for

14.My dad shouted __________________ me because I didn’t do what he said (TO, AT, WITH, TOWARDS)

ANS : at

15.She insisted __________________ helping me with the dishes. (ON, WITH, FOR, ABOUT)

ANS : on

16.Almost all car companies care __________________ the environment (FOR, AT, ABOUT,WITH)

ANS : about
17.Wearing a seat belt can protect you ____________ being killed in a car. (WITH, OF, ABOUT, FROM)

ANS :from

18.Ten people were killed when a bus collided __________________ a car (INTO, WITH, AT, TOWARDS)

ANS : with

19.The customers came to the shop to complain _____________ their service (ABOUT, AT, ON, FOR)

ANS : about

20.Our atmosphere consists __________________ oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide (INTO, OF, WITH, FOR)

ANS : of

21.We decided __________________ buying the new car. (AGAINST, WITH, AT, OF)

ANS : against

22.Many children depend __________________ their parents for money. (ON, AT, WITH, TO)

ANS : on

23.He graduated __________________ Oxford university (ON, FROM, OUT OF, WITH)

ANS : from

24.The advertising campaign resulted __________________ hundreds of new customers for the company.

ANS : in

25.As a scientist, I specialize __________________ marine biology (AT, IN, FOR, WITH)

ANS : in

Fill in the blanks with articles (THE, A, AN) where necessary.

1.Teachers are like ______ weather, one minute they’re good, ______ other they’re bad.(Ans :the, the)

2.We need to be at __________ airport in __________ hour.( Ans : the , an)

3.She is on diet, so she ordered ______ calorie-free dinner.(Ans : a)

4.We’d like to have ______ wedding in early October if possible.(Ans : the)

5.Emma’s eyes rested on ______ letter. Here was ______ opportunity she had been waiting for.(Ans : the,

6.The plane was climbing up through ______ sky.(Ans : the)

7.My grandmother was ______ true original. Strong of character, she ruled our family with ______ iron hand.
( Ans : a , an)

8.Maxim was at ______ centre of her thoughts. (Ans : the)

9.Winston Churchill, ______ former Prime Minister of England, went to ______ Harrow.(Ans : the)

10.______Ganges is ______holy river. (Ans : The, a)

11.I live in ______ apartment, which is brand new. (Ans : an)

12.______ Royals is a serial which portraits ______ life of ______ members of ______ Royal family in
______ United Kingdom. (Ans : The , the, the, the,the)

13.It was ______ cold Saturday morning at ______ beginning of ______ month.(Ans : a , the, the)

14.It had rained earlier in the day and as Maggie left the house she lifted her eyes towards ______ sky. (Ans :the)

15.I arrived in ______ USA last Monday. We left ______ Rome, flew over ______ Alps and made a quick stop in London.(Ans : the, for,the)

E-mail writing email writing

Voice Change ( Different Types)

1. The thieves have been arrested by the police.

2. The marvelous performance delivered by the children enthralled us.

3. He has been invited to their party.

4. We have shipped your order.

5. The girl recited the poem beautifully.

6. The guests enjoyed the party.

7. The child impressed everyone with his polite manners.

8. A girl from Chennai won the first prize.

9. The readers like the latest book of the writer.

10. They are painting the walls.

11. The car has been fixed by the mechanic.

12. She accepted their invitation with pleasure.


1. The police have arrested the thieves.

2. We were enthralled by the marvelous performance delivered by the children.

3. They have invited him to their party.

4. Your order has been shipped by us.

5. The poem was beautifully recited by the girl.

6. The party was enjoyed by the guests.

7. Everyone was impressed with the polite manners of the child.

8. The first prize was won by a girl from Chennai.

9. The latest book of the writer is liked by the readers.

10. The walls are being painted by them.

11. The car mechanic has fixed the car.

12. Their invitation was accepted (by her) with pleasure.

Narration Change

1. Boys said, “It has been raining since morning. We cannot play today.”

A. Boys said that it had been raining since morning and they could not play that day.

2. She said to him, “I am leaving now and shall return after two hours.

A. She told him that she was leaving then and would return after two hours.

3. The girl said to me,” My father went to the market and brought toys for me.”

A. The girl told me that her father had gone to the market and had brought toys for her.

4. Her husband said to her, “I shall not go to the office today as I am not feeling well.

A . Her husband told her that he would not go to the office that day as he was not feeling well.

5. My father said to me, “I fear that you have caught cold again.”

A. My father told me that he feared that I had caught cold again.

6. His brother said to me, “I am not going to attend the meeting today.”

A. His brother told me that he was not going to attend the meeting that day.

7. She said to him, ”Love begets love.”

A. She told him that love begets love.

8. The inspector said to the people, “We have caught the thief and he will be brought to book soon.”

A. The inspector told the people that they had caught the thief and he would be brought to book soon.

9. The teacher said, “Boys, I shall give you a test in English today.”

A. The teacher told the boys that he would give them a test in English that day.

10. My friend said to me, “I am going to my house now. I shall call on you tomorrow.”

A. My friend told me that he was going to his house then and he would call on me the next day.

11.The lady said to her husband,”Whether you agree with me or not I am not going to change my decision.”

A. The lady told her husband that whether he agreed with her or not she was not going to change her decision.

12. The landlord said to the youngman,”If you donot pay your rent by evening today you will have to leave the house immediately.”

A. The landlord told the young man that if he did not pay his rent by evening that day he would have to leave the
house immediately.

Broad Questions

1. Write a brief note on different types of Communication? Explain the process of Communication? (5+5)

2. What are the barriers of Communication? Mention different types of barriers of Communication? Why is
clarity and correctness important in communication (2+3+5)

3. What do you understand by Interpersonal Relationship? What is the importance of interpersonal relationship in work place? Mention four points that can help someone to improve interpersonal relationship? ( 2+5+3)

4. Write a note on Soft Skills . How are they different from hard skills. (7+3)

5. Write a note on the 7 Cs of Communication. (5)

Reading Comprehension (Model Passage)

Read the following passage & answer the following questions:

Sixty years after independence, the caste question looms large in our consciousness. Far from being abolished, the caste system is at the centre of many debates of the day. Whether it is the larger question of the importance
of caste in electoral politics, reservations, whether caste should be part of the census or not or the outrage over the Khap panchayat’s actions, it is clear that caste is an arena of contention even today. There is a part of India which sees caste as an outdated institution that needs to be erased from all our calculations. It sees caste as a blight on modernity, a pathogen that infects us. Caste binds us to a collective rooted in the past and imposes on individuals a destiny that is not of their making. Caste hierarchy makes our future contingent on our birth, and those less fortunately born are condemned to a life more ordinary. What makes this more complex is the accelerated attempt to reverse history by the device of reservations which allocate opportunities purposively to the lower castes. This makes the distaste for caste even greater in the educated middle class, who see it as an instrument created for use specifically against them. The advantages that have accrued to this group have been internalized and neutralized and only the disadvantages loom threateningly, particularly as the lower castes accumulate political power.

A) State whether the following statements are True or False. Write ‘T’ for True and ‘F’ for False.

i) The uneducated middle class see caste system as an instrument used against them.

ii) Even after sixty years of independence caste system remains at the centre of many debates.

iii) A part of India wishes to erase caste system.

iv) As the lower class accumulates political power, the disadvantages of caste system loom threateningly.

B) Answer each of the following questions in about 30 words :-

i) How does the cast issue prove its importance on Indian society even sixty years after independence?

ii) Why does a part of India see caste as an outdated institution?

C) Write the meanings of the following words taking from the given text
i) Done away with
ii) Luckily

Note Taking ( Model Question)

Read the following passage and write in note form using abbreviations and symbols.

Education has a vital role in our lives, for it imparts knowledge and provides us with skills to make a living. It also teaches us the value of interpersonal relationships. In the course of our years of study we learn the value of friendship as well. When we are in a difficult situation, our education comes to our rescue. When man is learned and can give us timely advice, or can help us in a moment of crisis, do we not look forward to meeting him and benefiting from his knowledge? Educated people may be poor, but people will show them more regard than they would for a rich man who has no education.

2.Read the following passage and write in note form using abbreviations and symbols.

Blood, the most vital element of human life, consists of two important elements plasma and cells. Plasma is the straw-coloured fluid, containing 90% water and dissolved materials. These include proteins, food, mineral salts, excretory materials, gases and others. Some of these dissolved materials help in producing energy. The cells may be divided into three main elements – the White Blood Corpuscles, the Red Blood Corpuscles and the Platelets.

Suggestive writings

1.Suppose you are the General Secretary of the Students’ Union of your college. The principal has asked you to investigate the facilities available in the library at your college and to make recommendations for improvement. Prepare a report with all the details and accompany it with a covering letter.

2.Students’ Union of your college is going to organize a Blood Donation Camp in January, 2020. Suppose you are the General Secretary of the Union. Now prepare a report on this matter to be submitted to your principal with a covering letter.

3.Suppose you are the Junior Engineer of Modern India Engineering Ltd, Kolkata. Recently an accident occurred in the Kolkata Production Unit of the company. There had been no life loss. However four workers sustained serious injuries. The incident caused disruption in production, and incurred financial loss. Now enquire and draft a report to the managing Director of the company.

4.Global Construction Co. Kolkata was in charge of constructing a multistoried building at Bankura Administrative Campus. A part of the building under construction suddenly collapsed recently. Ten labourers were seriously injured. No loss of life. It caused a financial loss to the company. Now as Sub-Assistant Engineer of the Company, enquire and draft a report on the incident. Send your report to the Managing Director of the Company.

5.As a newly hired research assistant in the H R department of a large company, you have been asked to determine the best means of hiring and testing new employees. Consider what other companies similar to yourdoings and give recommendations to your department. Write a report to your Managing Director of your company with recommendations of chosing best individuals.

6.United Way needs Volunteers for many projects. Volunteers help in preparing funds for the company. Now, write a report to the Managing Director to inform what they are looking for and what problems they face securing funding.

7.Write an application for job to the Managing Director of UnitechPvt Ltd for the post of Junior Engineer of the organization.

8.You are working in BPO as project head and your company wants to use a technology Voice-over Internet Protocol (VOIP) which allows you to make phone calls using a computer network or the internet. You think this might be cost-effective technology for your company. Now write a report to your supervisor about VOIP‘s advantages and disadvantages and give recommendations.

9.Write an e-mail for the getting job in the post of receptionist in a reputed organization.

10.Compose your C.V. with all the required informations.

11.Akash is applying to the principal of ABC college, Durgapur for the post of Technical Instructor. Construct a cover letter with all the necessary points.


Written by Chhanda Kaity

Chhanda Kaity, Asst. Professor (Lecturer), Bishnupur Public Institute of Engineering completed his Masters from Vidyasagar University with First Class after graduating with honours in English Literature from The University of Burdwan. He also completed B.Ed from The University of Burdwan.



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