The Great Escape By Sugata Bose

The Great Escape By Sugata Bose Activity Solutions, Lesson 4, Class 8, WBBSE

The Great Escape Activity Solutions , Class 8

The Great Escape Questions and Answers

The Great Escape By Sugata Bose

The Great Escape By Sugata Bose

Activity 1

Rearrange the following sentences in the correct order and put the numbers in the given below :

(1) Subhas and Sisir chose the Wanderer for their journey. (6)

(2) Sisir entered Subhas’s bedroom that December afternoon. (1)

(3) The police were keeping a watch on Subhas’s house . (4)

(4) Sisir was to help plan and carry out Subhas’s escape from India. (2)

(5) Subhas‘s nephew helped him listen to foreign broadcasts. (5)

(6) Sisir walked back to his own house in a state of wonder and excitement. (3)

Activity 2

Complete the following sentences with information from the text :

(a) On a December afternoon, Sisir entered Subhas’s bedroom.

(b) The task that Subhas gave Sisir was to help plan and carry out Subhas’s escape from India.

(c) 1, Woodburn park was the residence of Sisir, Subhas’ nephew.

(d) The escape plan of Subhas and Sisir was to drive out, in the most natural fashion, through the main gate.

Activity 3

Why did Subhas and Sisir, as their plan of escape , decide to drive out in the most natural fashion through the main gate ?

Ans: As Subhas’ house was under close police surveillance. To fool the British police Subhas and Sisir, as their plan of escape, decided to drive out in ‘the most natural fashion through the main gate’.

Activity 4

Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements in the given boxes. Give supporting statements for each of your answers :

(a) Akabar Shah operated in the north-eastern frontier provinces. (F)

Supporting Statement:He operated in the north-western frontier provinces.

(b) The items of clothing for Subhas’s disguise were purchased from a shop in South kolkata. (F)

Supporting Statement:– The items of clothing for Subhas’s disguise were purchased from a shop in Central Calcutta.

(c ) Everyone in Subhas’s family was aware of his plan of escape. (F)

Supporting Statement:– None of the family members knew anything except Subhas’s Niece Ila and a male cousin,Dwijen.

(d) The policemen preferred warm blankets on the cool winter night of 16 January. (T)

Supporting Statement:– On the cool winter night of January 16th, they had preferred the comfort of the warm blankets on the charpoi.

Activity 5

Answer the following questions:

(a) What items were purchased for Subhas to be carried with him on his Journey ?

Ans: Baggy shalwars, a black fez, a suitcase, a bedroll, shirts, and pillows were purchased for Subhas to be carried with him on his Journey.

(b) What was the real identity of Muhammad Ziauddin?

Ans: The real identity of Muhammad Ziauddin was Subhas Chandra Bose.

(c) Why do you think Subhas had to put on a false identify ?

Ans:- Subhas had to put on a false identity because the British police were always keeping a strict watch on his house and he surely decided to free from his house arrest.

Activity 6

Fill in the following chart with information from the text:

(i) Subhas and Sisir tip-toed down the back stairs They were cautious about the British police who were kept watching the house.
(ii) The light glowed in Subhas’s bedroomTo give impression that he was still in the room.
(iii) They had a few anxious moments together The car engine faltered.
(iv) Gomoh station was some distance away Subhas wanted to catch the Delhi Kalka mail.

Activity 7

Answer the following questions :-

(a) In which direction did Sisir drive after leaving Elgin Road ?

Ans: After Leaving Elgin Road Sisir drove the car very fast and crossed the Howrah Bridge and went beyond the city’s precincts.

(b) Who was Ashok ? How did he help in Subhas’s escape ?

Ans: Ashok was Sisir’s brother.
He helped Subhas Chandra Bose to be stayed for some time in his house at the time of escape from India .

(c) Describe Sisir’s last sight of Subhas?

Ans: Subhas left Sisir in the Gomoh station and said him to go back. Sisir watched him mount the railway overbridge.

(d) Why did Sisir pick Subhas up in his Car a little further from Ashok’s house?

Ans: Sisir picked Subhas up in his Car a little further from Ashok’s house because Subhas was unknown for Ashok who only knew him as Muhammad Ziauddin in order to keep secret Subhas’s identity.

Activity 8 (a)

In the following sentences, underline the words that act like verbs and take objects:

(i) He likes to play badminton.

(ii) His habit is to read the newspaper daily.

(iii) Her greatest pleasure is to dance.

Activity 8 (b)

Underline the Infinitives in the following sentences:

(i) Raja is not afraid to speak the truth.

(ii) The teacher was extremely sorry to hear it.

(iii) The guava is fit to eat.

(iv) To find fault is easy.

Note: The word ‘to’ is frequently used with the Infinitive.

Activity 9

Add suitable prefix or suffix to the given words in brackets and fill in the blanks to complete the sentences meaningfully:

(a) The children were full of excitement (excite) as they went for a picnic.

(b) We should not discourage (courage) anyone.

(c) It was a comfortable (comfort) journey as I got a place to sit.

(d) India became an independent ( dependent) nation in 1947.

Activity 10 (a)

Suppose you have read an interesting adventure story recently. Write a letter in about eighty words to your aunt describing the story and telling her why you liked it?


Letter To Aunt Describing An Interesting Adventure Story


Date- 23/03/2023

Dear aunt,

                I hope you and uncle are doing well. We miss you here. Recently I have read adventurous stories. Today in this letter, I wanted to tell you about an adventure novel . The novel is ‘Chander Pahar’ written by famous Bengali writer Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay. In the book, a young Bengali man named Shankar experiences adventures in an African forest. The story details how Shankar and a Portuguese man named Diego Alvarez met as well as their exploits. It recounts numerous action sequences that make me gasp for air. I adore the book for its amazing storyline descriptions, fantastic images, etc.  And it  also teaches me many things. No more today, more when we met.convey my respect to my uncle.

I hope to see you soon.

Yours nephew


AT- Nanduara
P.O – Raghunathpur
P.S – Raghunathpur
PIN –723133
STATE- West Bengal

Activity 10 (b)

Write a summary of the following passage:

Mahatma Gandhi was very honest from his childhood. He never resorted to any unfair action. One day, while Gandhi was in school, an Inspector of schools came on a visit. The Inspector entered the classroom where Gandhi was sitting with other students. The Inspector gave a couple of English spellings to the students to write. Gandhi had written one incorrect spelling. The class teacher noticed this and indicated with his eyes to Gandhi to copy the correct spelling from another student’s exercise book. But he did not do this. After the Inspector left, the class teacher scolded him for not following his instruction. Gandhi replied bravely that copying was dishonest and that is why he had not done it. (119 words)


This story from Gandhi’s life is motivational. His school was under inspection one day. The inspector gave the children some English spellings to write. Gandhi made a spelling error. His teacher told him to copy from another student. Gandhi didn’t do that because it was dishonest. After the inspector had left, the teacher scolded him for not doing so. Gandhi responded copying was a dishonest act and he disliked dishonesty.

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