The process of Making Paper

The Process of Making Paper – Process Writing

Use the following flow-chart to write a paragraph within 100 words on how to make paper:

cutting down of bamboos—making pulp—adding chemicals—rolling into sheets—adding colour—drying—ready for use

The process of Making Paper

The Process of Making Paper

Paper is a versatile material that is used for writing, printing, drawing, packaging, and many other purposes. Paper-making is a simple process that involves several steps.

At first, bamboos are cut down and the bark is stripped off. Next, the remaining bamboo is processed into pulp by breaking it down into small pieces and mixing it with water. Then, chemicals such as bleach and sizing agents are added to the pulp to improve the quality of the paper. Thereafter, the mixture is poured onto a rolling machine which flattens it into thin sheets. After that, the sheets are coloured by adding dyes to the pulp. Now, the paper is left to dry either by hanging it or placing it on a flat surface. Finally, the paper is ready for use.


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