Clouds by Intizar Hussain Activity Questions and Answers, Lesson 2, Class 8

Clouds by Intizar Hussain Activity Questions And Answers, Lesson 2, Class 8.

Clouds by Intizar Hussain
Clouds Class 8 Question Answers

Activity 1

Rearrange the following sentences in the correct order and put the numbers in the given boxes :-

(1) He saw a grass-cutter coming from the other direction. (4)

(2) The grass-cutter was surprised. (6)

(3) He reached the old mud hut. (2)

(4) He wandered in search of the clouds. (1)

(5) He asked the grass-cutter if he had noticed the clouds. (5)

(6) He turned onto the dirt track .(3)

Activity 2

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:-

(a) The grass-cutter had a bundle of freshly cut grass balanced on his head.

(b) He was disappointed to see that the grass-cutter was still mystified.

(c) The farmer couldn’t make sense of the boy’s question.

(d) He was asking for the clouds like a man who had lost his child and ask wayfarers if they had seen a child wandering .

Activity 3

Answer the following question :-

“But no one could give him a satisfactory answer”- why do you think in no one could give him a satisfactory answer?

Ans: I think everyone tried to give answers but they had not a satisfactory answer because the question he asked , had no sense to everyone. Actually, he was asking about the clouds as if he was looking for a lost child .And that’s why none could understand the meaning of his question.

Activity 4

Write ‘T’ for Tense and ‘F’ for false statement in the boxes given. Give supporting statements for each of your answer .

(1) In the morning the boy asked the first questions to his father. (F)

Supporting Statement:– In the morning the boy’s mother was the first he had asked about the clouds.

(2)The boy’s mother asked him to go to school. (T)

Supporting Statement:— “Hurry up, now. Wash quickly,eat your breakfast and go to school.”

(3) When the boy got up in the morning , he saw that the sky was cloudless. (T)

Supporting Statement:– When he got up in the morning, he found that the sky was clear and empty!

(4) The boy was happy to think that he had fallen asleep. (F)

Supporting Statement:– It saddened him to think that he had fallen asleep .

Activity 5

Answer the following questions:-

(1) Which question haunted the boy ?

Ans: The question that haunted the boy was “Where did the clouds go?”

(2) What did the boy see in the middle of the night ?

Ans: In the middle of the night the boy saw that the clouds were rumbling and in the occasional flashes of the lightning they were dense and black.

(3) How did he feel as he walked between the fields?

Ans: As the boy walked between the fields in the fierce heat of the sun he felt that his body was on fire and his throat dry.

(4) What did he do after reaching the shelter of the tree ?

Ans: After reaching the shelter of the tree the boy splashed the cool water from the Persian wheel on his dusty feet. Then he washed his hands and face and drank his fill.

Activity 6

Fill in the chart with the information from the text:-

(i) The boy was open-MouthedThe old man told the boy that once he lived in a place where it had not rained for ten years.
(ii) The earth was damp Underfoot.It was rained heavily just a while ago.
(iii) The boy hurried home.He wanted to see how fresh and clean the jamun tree in his courtyard looked.
(iv) When he got home, he saw everything had changedA good shower cleaned and scrubbed the jamun tree and it looked fresh.

Activity 7

Answer the following questions:-

(a) What did the old man say about to the place where he once lived ?

Ans: The old man told that he once lived in a place where it hadn’t rained for ten years.

(2) How did the boy feel as he reached the mud-hut?

Ans: The boy felt a nip in the air and found the earth was damp underfoot as he reached the mud-hut.

(3) What did the boy do as he stood under the Juman tree?

Ans: The boy enjoyed to put the raindrops on his head and face as he stood under the Jamun tree.

(4) Why did the clouds shed rain in the absence of the boy?

Ans: There are some natural phenomena like clouds and rain, that have significant relationships with both living and non-living objects. Nobody can predict whether clouds will form in the sky while it is raining. And so the clouds shed rain in the absence of the boy.

Activity 8 (a)

Underline the verbs that denote actions which will be progress at a time in the future:

(i) I shall be reading a book next week.

(ii) You will be going to school tomorrow.

(iii) They will be visiting our house next month.

Activity 8 (b)

Underline the verbs that denote actions that will be completed in the future:

(i) I shall have written the story by then.

(ii) He will have left before you go to see the doctor.

(iii) You shall have gone to the fair.

Activity 8 (c)

Read the following sentences. Identify the future continuous tense and future perfect tense and fill in the table given below:-

(i) I shall be playing in the field.

(ii) She will have recited poem.

(iii) They will be coming soon.

(iv) You will have enjoyed the picnic.

Future Continuous TenseFuture Perfect Tense
(i) I shall be playing in the field.(i) She will have recited the poem.
(ii) They will be coming soon.(ii) You will have enjoyed the picnic.

Activity 9

Write the antonyms of the underlined words by using the prefixes from the Help Box:

(a) It is possible for him to life the chair.

Answer: It is impossible for him to life the chair.

(b) His handwriting is legible.

Answer: His handwriting is illegible.

(c) Their claim is not reasonable.

Answer: Their claim is not unreasonable.

(d) He believed his friend.

Answer: He disbelieved his friend.

Activity 10 (a)

Write a story in about eight words using the hints:-

Two friends passing through a forest – a bear came – one friend climbed a tree – the other friend could not climb the tree – helpless – lay down like a dead man – bear came near the man – thought he was dead – went away.


Two Friends And A Bear

Once upon a time, there were two friends in a village. One day they were going through a forest together. Suddenly they saw a bear coming from the other side. Both of them got scared. One of them climbed a tree to save himself without thinking about his friend. The other friend couldn’t climb the tree. He felt helpless. But then, he hit upon an idea. He laid down like a dead man, as he knew that the bear won’t harm the dead body. The bear went near the man and sniffed him. The bear thought him dead. When the bear had gone, the fake friend came down and asked what the bear had told him in his ears. The other friend told that the bear advised him to stay away from a fake friend who leaves in the times of the trouble.

Moral:- A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Activity 10 (b)

Suppose you have been waiting for a piece of good news. Write a paragraph in about eighty words on your experience of waiting:

The news you waited for—what you did while waiting—whether the news had come—your feelings.


My Experience Of Waiting For A Good News

Last week, a dancing competition was held at our school . As I always knew my passion is dancing and wanted to explore more in that competition. When I participated in the competition, I was a bit nervous but then I stay positive and danced really well. Even the judges praised my dancing a lot. The result was to be declared after two days. I cannot really tell how hard two days had been. I couldn’t even sleep. For me, those two days felt like two years because I had put my heart and soul in that dancing. I knew that it was one of the best dances, but still I was nervous. Finally the day came, and the result was announced. The result was announced by calling out names from reverese orders and I was standing having my fingers crossed. And when there was a pause just before the announcer named the first winner, my heart stopped beating. And then, the moment came I had been waiting for. I was the first winner. My efforts had been paid off. The news I had been waiting for brought me unimaginable joy, and I was over the moon. It encouraged me to improve my dance.

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