Class XI English Suggestion

WBCHSE Class XI English Suggestion 2023

Here we provide the Class XI English Suggestion. We all know that one can’t be 100% sure which questions will be asked in exam. So, this questions are sum of the most important questions which are probably to be asked in the exam.

Class XI English Suggestion

Class XI English Suggestion


Leela’s Friend

Click here: “Leela’s Friend” by R. K. Narayan (L.A.Q) Questions and Answers

1. Discuss the friendship between Leela and Sidda.

2. “Don’t send him away. Let us keep him in our house.” – Who was the speaker and to whom was it spoken? About whom was it said? How did the person or persons spoken to react?

3. “He looked her mutely, like an animal.” – Who looked at and to whom? What was the situation when this occurred?

4. “Sidda, come and play!” – Who is the speaker? What would Sidda do when he heard this call? What kind of games did the speaker play?

5. “She pitied him and redoubled her effort to teach him.” – who has been referred to as “she”? Who had been referred to as “him”? Why did she redouble her effort?


1. Describe the character of Lachmi.

Or, “I am only a native women”- Give a short estimation of the speaker’s character in the light of the above comment.

2. ‘Preposterous, preposterous! he shouted’ – Who shouted and why? What was the result?

3. ‘You are a bit of all right, old chap’ – Who is the speaker? Who has been referred to as ‘old chap’? What picture of the person’s character here spoken to is revealed in this line?

4. Moral / Title / Irony of the Story “Karma”.

5. “He was dismayed” – Who is he? Why was he dismayed? What did he do then?

Jimmy Valentine

1. “He has resumed his business.” – Who said this / Who is Ben Price? How did he come to a decision that Jimmy had resume his business? What did he decide next?

2. “That child she can’t stand it long in there” – Who is reffered to here? Why was she in danger? How was she saved?

3. “Mr. Ralph Spencer, the Phoenix that arose from Jimmy Valentine’s ashes” – Why was Jimmy compared to Phoenix?

4. “One day Jimmy sat down in his room and wrote a letter to an old friend” – Who is the “old friend”? What did Jimmy write and why?

Nobel Lecture

1. “I had the most extraordinary experience with Hindu family that had eight children.” – Which experience is Mother Teresa speaking of?

2. In what ways does Mother Teresa appeal to the emotions of her audience? What stories does she share of her encounters with the poor in Kolkata?

3. Why did Mother Teresa say poor people are people?

The Place of Art in Education

1. According to Nandalal Bose, how can the aesthetic sensibilities of the students be increased?

2. How does a poor Santhal express his sense of beauty and order in his daily life

3. According to Nandalal Bose, how are beauty and aesthetics connected to a person’s physical and mental well-being? Explain with an example from the text.


Composed Upon Westminster Bridge

Click Here: “Composed Upon Westminster Bridge” By William Wordsworth (L.A.Q) Long Questions and Answers

1. “Earth has not anything to show more fair.” – What for such a comparison is made in the poem? Who is described as ‘Dull soul’ and why?

2. Describe the poet’s attitude to nature revealed in the the poem “Composed Upon Westminster Bridge.”

Or, “Composed Upon Westminster Bridge” as a romantic poem.

3. How does the poet describe the city of London?

Meeting at Night

1.Justify the title of the poem ‘Meeting at Night’.

2. “And a voice less loud, through its joys and fear than the two hearts beating each to each!” – Whose voice is referred to here? Why is the voice full of joy and fear?

The Sick Rose

1.Bring out the central idea of the poem “The Sick Rose.”

2. What role does the worm play in the poem ‘The Sick Rose’?

Or, Comment on the implications of the worm’s love destroying the rose’s life.


1.What does the poet mean by ‘I am a man: little do I last’? What does he try to convey through the expression ‘the night is enormous’?

2. In the poem ‘Brotherhood’ what does the poet say about his position on earth? What does the poet mean by ‘I too written’? How does he understand this?


1.Write the substance of the poem ‘Daybreak’. ****

2. Role of the wind in announcing the day? How is the final couplet different from the rest of the poem?

Rapid Reader

Commedy of Errors

Click here: “The Comedy Of Errors” Questions And Answers (L.A.Q.)

1.Who was Aegeon? How did he arrive at Ephesus? What made the Duke pity on Aegeon?

2. Why did Antipholus Younger think Ephesus to be the land of sorceress and 3. How did Aegeon find all his family out members?

As You Like It

1.Who were the participants in the wrestling match? Whom did Celia and Rosalind dissuade? What was the result?

2. How was the banished Duke’s life in the Forest Arden?

3. Who is Celia? Why did she leave her father’s dukedom? Write in your own words the experiences of Rosalind and Celia when they reached the forest of Arden?

4. Sketch the character of Rosalind.

Twelfth Night

1. Who was Olivia? What saddened her? Why did she not allow any visitors?

2.How was the confus of mistaken identity overcome in “Twelfth Night”?

3. What information given by the captain consoled Viola? What plan did Viola think of to reach the Duke? How did the captain help her in this?


1.Why did Othello decide to kill his wife and himself?

2. What led Desdemona to marry Othello?

3. What role did the handkerchief play in bringing about Desdemona’s ruins?


Click here: Macbeth (L.A.Q) Questions and Answers

1.Give a brief account of the ‘Banquet Scene’ in “Macbeth”?

2. Why did Lady Macbeth plot to kill the king? What did Macbeth say to oppose her?

3. Bring out the significance of opening scene in “Macbeth”.

4. Describe the character of Macbeth.

5.”In future a Man should never believe the lying equivocation of Witches.” – Why did Macbeth say so?


Written by Koushik Kumar Kundu

Koushik Kumar Kundu was among the toppers when he completed his Masters from Vidyasagar University after completing his Bachelors degree with Honours in English Literature from The University of Burdwan. He also completed B.Ed from the University of Burdwan.


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