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Notice on Eye-Treatment Camp at Your Club

Imagine that you are the secretary of a club which offers social services to local people. Write a notice on behalf of your club to inform the public that an Eye-treatment Camp will be run by you for a given period. A specialist will conduct the treatment programme. In the notice the following particulars should be given along with main information.

(i) Name of the local club

(ii) Name of the Tye Specialist. (Use an imaginary name)

(iii) Time when the camp will be held with dates and hours.

[Name of the Club]



Date: 01/01/2023

Eye-Treatment Camp

The [Name of the local club], a social service club, is organizing an Eye-Treatment Camp for the local people. We are pleased to inform you that the camp will be conducted by Dr. [Name of the Eye Specialist], a renowned eye specialist.

The Eye-Treatment Camp will be held from 18/04/2023 to 20/04/2023, from 10am to 2pm, at our club premises. The camp aims to provide quality eye care services to the local people, and we invite all those who are facing any eye-related problems to avail themselves of this opportunity.

The camp will be offering comprehensive eye check-ups, and Dr. [Name of the Eye Specialist] will be providing consultations, diagnosing various eye ailments, and prescribing appropriate medication. We also have arrangements for distributing free medicines for the needy.

We urge all the members of the public to make the most of this opportunity and attend the camp. Your active participation in the camp will help us to create a healthier community.

For any further information or to book an appointment, please contact us at [Contact Details].

[Your Name]


[Name of the local club]

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Written by Koushik Kumar Kundu

Koushik Kumar Kundu was among the toppers when he completed his Masters from Vidyasagar University after completing his Bachelors degree with Honours in English Literature from The University of Burdwan. He also completed B.Ed from the University of Burdwan.


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