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Write a Dialogue on the need to Ban the Use of Animals as Circus Attractions

Dialogue Writing

Write a dialogue within 100 words on the need to ban the use of animals like tigers and lions as circus attractions:

Hints: wild animals decreasing – ill treatment to animals in circuses – criminal offence – laws against such – need to be humane to animals

the need to ban the use of animals like tigers and lions as Circus attractions

Here I provided a sample answer of the above question. You don’t need to copy it totally. You can take help from this and try to write on your own.

Conversation on the Need to Ban the Use of Wild Animals as Circus Attractions

Friend 1: “Hey, have you seen the circus show that’s happening in our locality?”

Friend 2: “Yeah, I saw it. It was quite entertaining.”

Friend 1: “But don’t you think using animals like tigers and lions in circuses is cruel and inhumane?”

Friend 2: “I haven’t really thought about it. Are the animals really being mistreated?”

Friend 1: “Yes, they’re confined to small cages and forced to perform tricks for our entertainment. It’s not right.”

Friend 2: “That’s terrible. I didn’t know it was like that.”

Friend 1: “Plus, the populations of these animals are already decreasing rapidly. It’s not fair to use them for our entertainment when they’re already facing extinction.”

Friend 2: “You’re right. We need to be more conscious of our actions and how they impact animals.”

Friend 1: “In many countries, it’s already a criminal offence to use wild animals in circuses. We need to enforce these laws and be ethical in our treatment of animals.”

Friend 2: “I agree. We need to speak up against animal cruelty and advocate for laws that protect animals.”

Friend 1: “Exactly. We need to be the voice for animals and make sure they’re treated with the respect and care.”


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